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hey there! i haven't updated in forever but i feel like i dont know whats going on in anyways life so I came on and read pretty much everything!! I miss you guys..

My life is going fab-- I'm still working at the insurance company.. i'm up for another promotion soon-- i never pictured myself in a job like this but i love it!!

Jenn and I are doing fab, we are redoing our apartment right now-- Shes going back to school and I think I might too ( since my work will pay for me to...) We got a new puppy.. he's a pomeranian-- named Lennon! :) (after someone great)

Rent ending is really upsetting to me! i went to NYC labor day weekend and saw it for the last time.. Got to meet Tracie Thoms ( she played Joann in the movie).. it inspired me to get this tattoo:

me & Jenn @ my brothers grad party, needless to say by the end of the night we didn't quite look like this haha!!


anyway im going to make it a vow to update this thing more often.. moreso b/c i miss reading about everyone and you all inspire me.    and OMG Idina Menzel is coming here in November.. I can't wait!!!  She's pretty much amazing at life!!

How about you all post your favorite memory with me and I'll do the same?? :) xoxoxoxoxo
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